Thursday, July 5, 2007

Joe's Home

This is very new for me. I hope this works. Melissa thanks for setting this up for us.
Well Joe has been home the last 2 weeks for his R&R. He's asleep right now so I thought I would sneak away to catch up on some emails. We have had a fabulous vacation. Luckily work gave me the full 2 weeks off. These past two weeks we have stayed at some really fun resorts in town and also went up to Sedona, AZ where we went to an African zoo, hiked, played in streams, caught my first fish and cooked it all by myself, and went to several Indian ruins. We have seen a few movies, always more fun to go to the movies with your husband, and have gone bowling. We close on our house next week so we have been in a lot of meetings for that as well. Joe's brother is arriving in Arizona today so we'll spend the weekend with 2 of his sisters who live here and is brother. They picked a terrible time to visit today was 115 degrees. His brother jokes and says he is taking a vacation to the surface of the sun.
Joe goes back Tuesday and will be gone for another 6 months. I got an email from the Lt. General of the Army that said no more extensions, Yeah!! so he will be home now in January after serving 15 months. I'm coming up on month 9 so only 6 more to go.
Work is going well. Luckily with the heat the snowbirds go home and work has really quieted down. I plan to work there through November but get out before another winter. They are bruttle! 15 hours with barely a break. I am still learning everyday and love what I do.
Love you all,

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