Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a Girl!

As you know from the email I sent out we are having a girl! Joe got his next assignment to Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas. It was the closest option West. We are only 6 hours from home (Phoenix) which will be nice especially with the baby. The unit he will be with is set to deploy to Iraq in May. I can't believe we are already talking about that again. At least this time it is only a 12 month deployment and who knows maybe the next president will bring them home even earlier. I'll definitely move back to Arizona when he goes. As of today he plans to get out of the military as soon as he gets back or November of next year. Which ever comes sooner. YEAH!!!

Joe gets done with his classes here in Georgia the middle of December. Luckily the military does all of our packing and moving. I'll fly home to AZ and Joe will make the cross country road trip (something he actually enjoys) and meet me in AZ for the Holidays. We will probably deliver in El Paso instead of Phoenix but we are still not sure about that. Joe's unit is suppose to leave for the usual month train up in the Mohave Desert in prep for Iraq January 12th. Since baby is coming (around Jan 17th) Joe plans to use all of his leave days and not report in until they have already left. Missing baby #1 is not an option.

The second trimester has treated me well. The morning sickness has ended and I'm a normal person again. Since I'm not working I've had lots of time to improve my domestic skills that I never had time for with school and work. I got behind a sewing machine and made an apron and purse something I never thought I would do. I'm also spending more time in the kitchen trying some fabulous recipes. I started taking cycling classes again and discovered zumba classes at the YMCA. If you ever get a change to take a zumba class totally do it. It's a combo of dance and aerobics. It is so much fun, such a good work out and the time flies by.

Hope you all are doing fabulous!

Love you all,


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Tera said...

Congratulations! A little girl - so fun! I'm glad you're feeling better.