Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The perfect cone

I generally don't eat at McDonlad's but every once in a while I like to get their vanilla cone. It's always a tricky thing though. Each McDonald's is a little different. Not all ice cream is equal. If you want a good ice cream cone from McD's your best bet is to go to the one on Bulldog in Provo. Hands down they are the most consistent in flavor and texture of the ice cream....

That is until I went to a McD's out here in Virginia at the Potomac Mills Outlets. I experienced quite possibly the most perfect cone ever. The flavor was excellent and the placement of the ice cream in the cone was truly remarkable. I almost got out of my car from the drive thru to go in and thank whoever had made my cone. A lot of times the ice cream comes out and it is really squatty and so when it starts to melt it drips over the side onto your hands and it is so big around that you can't lick all of the drips in one lick. It just becomes messy! This cone however, was tall and slender. It was the perfect size to fit in my mouth and I was able to go round the cone in one lick. The flavor was a delicious vanilla and the texture was nice and creamy, but not to melty. I was just so happy to be eating such a perfect cone!

So I dedicate this entry to my friend at the Potomac Mills McDonalds. Thanks for the perfect cone!

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