Friday, June 1, 2007

Time Flies

Caelan is going to be four years old tomorrow. How did that happen? It seems like she was hanging out in my bulging belly just a couple months ago (maybe that was Megan... HE HE HE), and now she is one year away from starting school. Too crazy. My sister and her husband were here for Memorial Day. I think Caelan has a bit of a crush on her newest uncle. It was pretty funny.
Well, I am giving this blog thing a try (we'll see how this first post of mine looks). Things are good here... actually it's getting a little too hot too soon, but I live in Nevada (what can I expect?). The past few weeks have seemed to be a little crazy. Maybe it is because all the schools are getting ready to be done for the summer, and although I am not directly affected by that yet, for some reason I still feel the effects (Young Women plans, cram tutoring, talent shows and performances to go and see, etc). We took a little trip at the beginning of May to CA. Charity and her husband were going down for the weekend, and we followed. My dad got us tickets to see "Wicked" - FANTASTIC show! We also went to Magic Mountain, which I hadn't been to since my Sophmore or Junior year of high school. Apparently my stomach isn't as strong as it used to be when I was a youngster (I will spare the details). It was lots of fun anyway.

Ben and Megan are doing just dandy. Megan is 6 and a half months. She is a serious fan of food; she wants to eat anything and everything that she sees. She also rolls around all over the place. Caelan and Ben never really took advantage of that ability, but man, she can get around. Ben is a talking machine these days. I love this stage, when they can communicate pretty well but it is still in such a new and innocent way. He mimics his big sister constantly, but he also is pretty independent. Needless to say, there is rarely a dull moment with these three. The lucky thing is how much they love eachother. Caelan and Ben can stay occupied playing with eachother for hours on end, taking breaks only long enough to come and kiss all over Megan here and there. I love it.

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