Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, the May Madness is over. . . or did it really end? Being a parent of two is great, and difficult. It changes daily all depending on how much sleep I got the night before or if my postpardum hormones (aka: the blues) are kicking in. But it finally seems to be balancing out to good days with difficult moments. That I can handle! Kate is doing well and growing well. We have an appointment this friday for a specialist to look at her cleft pallet and we'll find out about surgery and all that jazz. I have been going back and forth for the past month about whether I could keep up with the pumping and bottle feeding or whether I should make life easier and less painful for myself and a little less stressful for everyone. The latter won. Being tied down to a pump 6 or more times a day while trying to take care of two little girls is not easy. I have enough milk stored in the freezer to give her a couple bottles a day for the next month and then she drinks formula the rest of the time. Last week I found out that Kate has thrush (pretty much a yeast infection in her mouth, common for newborns). After talking to the nurse it is something that I also have on my chest (trying to keep this clean!). I was always told that pumping should not be painful, not I know why it was, because of the thrush. Looking back to when I had McKenna it all makes sense now, I didn't know about thrush at the time but now I know that is what was causing the pain. Something to look out for to all you future mothers!

May Madness continued. . . We moved into our new house 3 weeks ago! Yeah! Most of the week before we signed papers we didn't know if it was going to happen or if it would have to be postponed another week. Then we got to signing and they had our interest rate too high. Long story short, we got everything fixed and we are now in our new home! It feels so big, and it will be nice when we finally get everything situated. I'm guessing it is going to take most of the summer to do that. McKenna took the move very well. We had no problem the first night putting her to bed. She has adapted very well to being a big sister too. We can't expect her to be perfect, there is some jealousy from lack of attention, but overall her tantrums can mostly be blamed for her being 2. She is very good about getting Kate's binkie or bottle when Kate is crying.
Two weeks of school left for Tyler, then we're into the summer months! Yeah! We want to take a trip to California this summer, it depends on how brave we are.
I will sign out for now. I love you all.

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