Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's been so long since I've written that I totally forgot my password and had to start all over again. Too many passwords these days. As Melissa has mentioned my mom and I are going to D.C. this next week. I'm so excited to bundle up and wear sweaters, it is still in the 90s here.

We received notice this week that Joe will be home in Colorado some time between December 27th and January 1. I'm so ready!! I plan to move up to Colorado the middle of December to get everything situated before he comes home. Once he is home he gets a month off at which time we'll go to Florida and California to visit his family and then Arizona to see mine.

My last day of work is November 19th. Though I'll be sad to lose the paycheck I won't be sad to say goodbye to 14 hour days. I'm leaving just in time to miss the crazy snowbirds with all their medical issues. Adios!

We don't know what the next year will hold for us. If we stay right where we are in Colorado Springs, Joe will leave again in a year with the same battalion he is with and deploy right back to Baghdad. Neither of us are excited at the thought of that. I really feel like I need him home for a little longer to keep my sanity in check. The tentative plan is to be in Colorado for the winter/spring and then move to Georgia for a Captain's Career Course which is 5-6 months long. After that we'll move some place else, Joe's guessing to a unit that is getting ready to deploy but not leaving immediately. We are hoping this at least gives us 2 years with him at home. Plus who knows what will happen with the next president. I never dreamed my life would revolve so much around the government.

Thanks to all my girls for your prayers.
Love you

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Tera said...

YEAH! You get your husband back for a while. I'm happy for you. Are you selling your house in Arizona?