Monday, October 22, 2007

Update from the Dicks

Hi Girls,

I've been meaning to post something since we moved, but keep getting distracted in some way or another. Anyway, things are good here. We moved to Kingman, AZ at the beginning of the month, so we've been here for three weeks. We really loved Boulder City, so it was a little sad to go, but so far we are really liking it here. Sean's company (SBS Construction Services) is opening a new plant here, and Sean will be the Plant Manager for the truss department (roof trusses). It is a good position for him, and he's liking all the new stuff he is doing. They are still in the process of getting things up and going, so he is gone longs hours every day (that stinks, but I know it won't be too much longer). I am going to be cleaning their offices (the things you do to help your husbands... J/K - actually it not too shabby. It's just once a week for a few hours for quite good money). We are renting a nice little house here for 6 months or so (slightly bigger than our house in Boulder City, but $450 cheaper - NICE). We are either going to build a home or buy after that. We are seriously looking into building, which means that we will get things going ASAP. Sean is taking our plans around to have them bidded by the different trades so we can see what we are looking to spend. We have a really great ward - lots of young families. We are anxious to get more involved with callings and such. The kids are doing great. Megan will be a year old in two weeks. She is a crawling machine. She has been standing on her own a little lately, so we'll see how long it takes before she gets up to walk. Ben is talking up a storm these days. He is Caelan's little mimic. Actually they have great fun together. He loves to sing, and carries a tune really well. I am getting ready to potty train him (and not very excited about it). Caelan is a very independent four year old. She actually helps out a lot. There is a girl that teaches dance classes for younger girls in our ward. I am trying to get Caelan into her 4-5 year old class - that would be fun for her. I wish there was some king of joy school or preschool that I could get Caelan in for a couple days a week (not necessarily for the learning aspect, but for the social part), but so far I haven't found anything like that (plus it's hard to get kids in in the middle of the school year). The library here has great programs for kids, so we take advantage of that. We also have a little play group once a week too. So, life is good. I have been trying to find a gym to go to, and I just heard about one that offers free day care (but it's a little pricey, so we'll see).
My crazy kids

We went on a fun camping trip over the Labor Day holiday. We met all of my family in Southern Utah and camped for a few days. We went to some caves and a lake and played at Devil's Garden (all sorts of Rock formations). It was lots of fun!

We are heading to CA for Thanksgiving and then to Arizona for Christmas (it's nice to be so close to family - quick, easy trips).
Anyway, when are we going to have an Upper Reunion? What about New Years? I miss you girls. I hope you are all doing well. I love ya.


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