Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Let's all update!

Hi girls. It's been a while since anything got posted, so I'm hoping to start another streak to find out what everyone is up to. I would love for an upper reunion, just one problem. McKenna costs money to fly now and ticket prices are getting expensive these days. I'll look into though. When?

We are heading to Utah this weekend. Tyler's granmother passed away, and her funeral is on saturday. Ty's grandpa is paying for the whole family to come out for it. This is a good passing, it was her time. A couple weeks ago when she was still somewhat coherent she apparently was talking about how excited she was to see her "daddy". He died when she was 10, and here she is 89 years old. I love the Gospel so much. Just to think that death is something to rejoice over. We have anscestors and friends on the other side waiting to see us. We will be able to be in the presence of our Father and Elder Brother again.

Life is busy, busy. We are having YWIE in a couple weeks; that and personal progress have been consuming all my time. I'm very excited for the program though and pray that the YW will feel the spirit. McKenna and Kate are becoming great friends already. McKenna loves to play with Kate, and of course Kate loves it in return. I love those precious moments when I turn and see McKenna showing Kate a book, or giving her a hug and kiss. McKenna suprises us all the time with how coherent she is. One funny example is yesterday I was getting her ready to get in the car and she says, "mommy, I don't want to go to the store poopy!" (I didn't know she was!) :) She's getting very good at formulating sentences, and expressing her desires. Kate is so big! She's just about 5 months, but she wears clothes anywhere from 3-12 months. It's so weird b/c McKenna was always so thin. She's a great baby, sleeps from 7:30ish to about 6 every night, and very smiley - although it seems I don't have any pictures of her actually smiling! She's a wiz at rolling over to her left, it's automatic at this point. We're going to start her on food as soon as we get back next week.

Tyler got a new calling a month ago. He's the ward clerk. Sundays used to be my days to have all my meetings and get lots of YW stuff done. Not anymore. Oh-well. He was able to pick up an extra class at work, so at the moment he doesn't have a prep period at all. It's making him pretty tired, so this may be the only semester he does this. We're grateful for all the blessings we've receieved for extra income.

Talk to everyone later!


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Melissa said...

you guys are such a cute little family! I love it! and I love the hair Jamie!