Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knudson's Update

Not too much going on here in Colorado, except that it's already November and we have not seen any snow!!! Well the mountains have but we have not seen any here in the city, maybe this will be an easy winter (knock on wood).

Matt is busy with work and school. He is working with the women inmates right now, and he does a lot of translating. He has had to translate some interesting things, for example he had to explain to a woman what a pap smear was, an enema, what it feels like when your water breaks during pregnancy and various other woman issues. He's never had to explain that to some one in English let alone Spanish, so I think it's hilarious!! He is still in school but we are on target for a summer 09 graduation! :)

I am still managing a parking garage in downtown Denver. We are acquiring a new building in February 09 so my work load will double, but I look forward to the change and new change of pace. In church I am currently the Beehive teacher, but am being released next Sunday and being called to be the YW Secretary. It's weird because the last ward I was in my three callings were Sunbeam teacher, YW Secretary and then Laurel Advisor and now in this ward it has been Sunbeam teacher, Beehive Advisor and now YW Secretary. I feel very lucky that I have been able to spend this much time in the YW's because it is so much fun!!!

That's what's going on with us, we hope everyone is doing well!

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