Monday, July 23, 2007

At last ...!!

Hi Uppers. I just had to give you the good news that I have finally found a job! It's about time!

So I have been working with a placement agency and they sent me on an interview at an investment banking firm downtown. First off, the office is amazing. It is located on the 10th floor of the building directly south of Temple Square and overlooks Temple Square and the capitol building. Beautiful!

The interview was so comfortable and I just talked myself up like I have never done before. I interviewed with 3 people in the office, and then they called me in for a second inteview later that week to interview with all six of the people in the office - one on one. I have never had an interview like that before, but I got to talk myself up to each of them. And when I was leaving they sent me away with a box of candies. This is the first time I have ever gone away from an interview with a gift!

A few days later they called and asked if I could start on the 25th. Yeah! So I will begin by job as an executive assistant at George K. Baum investment banking firm on July 25th. I think it will be a great job for now, with the long-term potential I have wanted for so long. But I am also hoping a position will come along that pays more and is a position of greater responsibility. I don't mind being an assistant as long as I am getting paid well, but I know I have so much more potential and I really want to realize that potential sooner than later.

Thanks to all of you who have kept me in your prayers - I have truly felt your love! I am really looking forward to getting back to work - it has been way too long! Wish me luck! Love you all.

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