Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Young Womens

Hello Girls!

I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but I was called to be 1st counselor in YW a little over a month ago. It is the most wonderful calling, I love the girls! There are only 8 active girls, and I only have 2 that are MM, which will be down to 0 with 1 inactive in just a couple months. But we have combined the MM and Laurels to fix that problem. I have also been put over Personal Progress which I am so excited about! What a wonderful and inspired program that has been put into place since we were all in YW. I am starting to prepare for Young Women in Excellence which will be in October. I've decided on a theme: "Walk in His Footsteps." We will have footprints walking along a path, and on each footprint the girls will write goals they have been working throughout the year; PP related and others. That's about as far as I've gotten so far, but I feel inspired to head in this direction.

Tyler has been busy working on our backyard. It did not come landscaped, and has a lot of obstacles to overcome, but he's getting there. We moved Kate into McKenna's room a few days ago, and I'm glad to say that McKenna actually seemed pretty excited about it. (Even though we usually put Kate in there after McKenna has gone to bed and get her out before she gets up!) McKenna threw us an awesome surprise at FHE on Monday. She said the closing prayer! (We only had to prompt her on how to end it!) We were so surprised because we have a hard time even getting her to repeat what we say. What a neat experience.

On to Woller news... Kristin is moving to Phoenix at the end of next week. We're all pretty bumbed about it and a little apprehensive. I feel bad that none of us are more than a little excited for her. She's got a new job opportunity through her friend that took a job with University of Phoenix a couple months ago. We're having a hard time because of the choices Kristin has been making with friends, money, school, working on Sundays. . . and a few other things. And she's still in the stage where friends are more important than family (at least that's what we all see on our end) that we hoped she would have grown out of at this point in her life. I'm pretty sure I told you about her b-ball accident a few months back, she's still recovering from the surgery. She relied on basketball and the life that revolved around playing so much that we can tell she feels completely lost without it. We pray more than anything that there is a good YSA group in Phoenix that will be willing to reach out to her.

Well, I should probably leave on a lighter note. . . since Red was on the topic of books I'll head that way. There is a series of books out called "The Great and the Terrible" by Chris Stewart. They are awesome and highly recommended by my dad and I. They start out in the pre-existence with the War in Heaven, and then bring it to our day, and how we are still fighting that battle against Satan. Okay. . so leaving it on a 'lighter' note may not have been the right words that's a heavy topic! :) Anyways, I love you all!


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